ProStart Winners’ Special Ingredient in Their Recipe for Success

A role model is an individual who not only encourages but inspires us to strive for greatness and live to our fullest potential.  Teachers are role models in our communities who students admire and aspires to be like.  Recently, I was fortunate enough to meet such a role model, Cherie Busch.  During our meeting, she shared with […]


Valentine’s Day By the Numbers (Infographic)

Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine’s Day, Hallmark Day, Singles Awareness Day (SAD) . . . whatever you wish to call it, February 14th is almost upon us. It’s a day of love and frustration, of first dates and heartaches, of proposals and breakups. An evening of cocktails and dinner, jewelry and candy, and unmet expectations. Celebrated by some, while loathed by others . […]

Customer Feedback: We Messed Up, Fixed It, and Discovered a SmartDraw Friend & Advocate

The only way to guarantee that your company creates a product or service that your customers will actually want to purchase, is to not only listen to your customers but act upon their feedback.  In today’s competitive business world we must be innovative.  The most innovative companies are the best at creating a products and services […]

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