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Top 5 Leadership Traits That CEOs Seek

Effective leadership is one of the single most important drivers behind performance. Successful companies employ skilled leaders in every key position. CEOs know this and are in constant search of people who embody great leadership qualities and character. But just what are the qualities of a good leader? What characteristics do CEOs look for in […]

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5 Small Business Problems and Solutions

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of owning your own business. But it also involves plenty of challenges you need to understand and be prepared to handle. Here are five common small business problems and suggestions for how to deal with them. 1. Insufficient Capital or Cash Flow By far the biggest hurdle faced by start-ups and other […]

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Write Better Reports, Faster

Reports, whether oral or written, are part of life for many busy professionals. But there is a surefire way to make them work better for your audience while saving everyone valuable time.  That way is with graphics. Why? Because graphics condense text, clarify relationships, and highlight patterns. They allow you to easily show your data […]

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5 Secrets for Negotiating Successfully

The word “negotiation” can conjure up negative images of conflict and struggle. But successful negotiation is about discussion aimed at reaching an agreement. An adept negotiator uses skillful techniques to reach a deal without aggression. While negotiation skills can require some practice, becoming a good negotiator is within reach. It just requires following some basic […]

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8 Ways to Fund Your Start-Up

You have a great concept. You’ve developed your business plan. Everything is set, except for one thing. . . . how to fund your start-up.  There are several ways to capitalize a start-up that involve varying degrees of risk and effort. When choosing a path, it is important to know your options and evaluate which one is […]

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Why Businesses Need Processes

Processes are essential to preparing your organization for growth. No large organizations would exist without them, and there’s no reason why your small organization shouldn’t convert all of its work into processes. Your work should consists of processes where possible. But why do businesses need processes? This post is my answer to that question. Processes […]

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Lean Startup Success: The Forbes Interview of SmartDraw CEO Paul Stannard

Back in 1994, Lean wasn’t actually a thing. In fact, the Internet was barely a thing. But that’s when Paul Stannard founded SmartDraw—and without even realizing it at the time, he had launched a Lean Startup. Was SmartDraw the first example of lean startup success? That is probably a stretch. But there’s no question the […]

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SmartDraw FAQ: Fantastic Awesome Questions | SmartDraw Mailbag

Our SmartDraw mailbag feature was quite popular the first time we did it, so I’m going to dig into it again. Our customers ask some pretty terrific questions. I hope you find our answers, along with several tips and tricks, equally terrific. Let’s get right to it. I am a beginner and need guidance with […]

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