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Higher Ed Tech Tools: Better Assignments, Better Learning

THE NEED: Not too long ago, I conducted a workshop entitled Cool Tools: Better Assignments, Better Learning for the Association for Talent Development . When I worked as an instructional designer in higher education, I found that professors developing online courses would often get stuck in a rut with their assignments, which predictably looked like, “Read […]


TechCrunch Article – Is HTML5 the New Windows?

Paul, SmartDraw’s founder and CEO, wrote a compelling and thought provoking article on the rise of HTML5 for TechCrunch this week. You can read the full article over at TechCrunch. What do you think? Is HTML5 the new Windows, and cloud-based apps the way forward?


Eating My Own Dog food

Why it took me ten years to use my own product to draw a flowchart I wrote the first version of SmartDraw in 1994 and I’ve been the sole author, or one of the small team of authors, on every version since. Yet I only began to use my own product to help me think through […]


The Paperless Meeting

We’ve all read about “The Paperless Office” first coined in 1964 by IBM to sell their video display terminals. Over time this term has become understood as the replacement of paper documents with electronic ones, using scanners and document storage software. We still have a long way to go before we reach this goal, but […]


5 Reasons Why You Should Determine Your Business’ Customer Satisfaction Rate

According to Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, “ . . . the customer you’ve got is a lot less expensive to sell to than the one you don’t have yet.”  It’s a no brainer – satisfied customers lead to loyal customers which means more business. Boom. End of article. But businesses and the people that run them […]


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