Create an Infographic in 3 Easy Steps

Everyone likes infographics. Infographics are easily consumed and entertain.  They inform by weaving data and visuals together. But there are some of us who feel that they are difficult to create and should be left to the graphic artists of the world.  I am here to tell you that premise is no longer the case.  Creating an infographic with SmartDraw can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s how I created this year’s college football bowl game schedule infographic complete with hyperlinks to each game’s specific website for easy access.

STEP #1.  SELECT a pre-existing SmartDraw infographic template or example

If you have data that you wish to convey by way of an infographic but are limited in your skills as a designer, simply select one of the many SmartDraw infographic templates or examples from the SmartPanel.

infographic - template

I had a printed text only list of the bowl games that I was looking to add a little pizzazz to, so I selected the template “List Infographic – 1.”

list infographic template

STEP #2.  INSERT images, shapes, symbols and text

Next, I changed the shapes to boxes and entered all of the text related to each bowl game.  To learn about adding text, color, and effects to shapes, take a look at the   SmartDraw User Guide: Fundamentals for New Users.  Then, I proceeded to add images of the various team helmets that represented the various football teams playing in each game. Finally, I double clicked my shape, selected “Add a Hyperlink” and entered the url address to the bowl game official website.

infographic designing

STEP #3.  SAVE and export as an image

Once I finished designing the basic infographic, I simply saved the file and exported it as an image file by clicking the “File” tab, clicking the “Export” option and selecting the “JPEG” file type. SmartDraw maintains your original .sdr file and saves your new infographic as an image.

Now, is that easy, or what? Three steps and I have a newly sharable infographic.  If you’d like to see more   infographic examples, click here.

Here’s my finished 2014-15 College Football Bowl Game Schedule Infographic. Click the image for the full size:

college bowl game - infographic