Event Planning: How to Make Your Next Event Unforgettable

Original photo - RJ's WeddingThere are a few basic elements you have to have when it comes to planning a wedding or corporate event: the main event (i.e. ceremony, keynote speaker) immediately followed by some type of reception (whether that entails a buffet, plated meal, or cocktails & hors d’oeuvres).  While these basic elements do, in fact, make up the event you can transform these essential details to create an event to remember.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised just how easy it is to transform your event into something unforgettable.  The secret is to ensure that the execution of the event is flawless.  In this week’s post you’ll discover how to successfully orchestrate a flawless event using well-designed diagrams.  Ready to start planing the most unforgettable event?


Event Planning Made Simple: Design, Delegate, & Dazzle

Event planning can be simplified when you design to budget, design to delegate, and design to dazzle. From planning milestone birthday celebrations to corporate events, SmartDraw can meet your event planning needs.  I’ve created diagrams that were not only used to design, they played an integral role in the coordination of a very important event in my life, my wedding day. More . . .


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If you want your event to run smoothly, you’ll need an efficient and well-trained team.  Whether that team is composed of vendors, volunteers, or family & friends, it’s your job to give them the right tools and training they need to succeed.  To train your team, use the ‘Tell-Show-Do-Review’ training technique.  Everyone has their own learning style (auditory, visual, and tactile), this method trains for each of them. More . . .

Glasses of champagne

How to Throw a Company Party on a Budget

Back in December 2008, companies across the board were scaling back on holiday events.   Due to economic constraints companies chose to cancel them all together, deeming the celebrations needless or inappropriate in the wake of layoffs.  Now that the holiday party is back it doesn’t mean your company needs to break the bank.  More . . .

Have you booked this year’s venue?  If not, it’s never too early to get started!