Game of Thrones Headcount – Charting the Many Deaths of the Epic Fantasy Series“Valar morghulis”, or “All men must die” is a phrase known well by Game of Thrones fans and it’s an apt mantra for a TV show that kills off many and often – even leading characters and fan favorites. It seems like bleak fare for Sunday night entertainment but the millions of fans around the world who tune in each week don’t seem to mind. In fact, they can’t get enough of it.

With the fourth season on the verge of premiering on HBO on April 6th, we here at House SmartDraw thought it would be fun to break down the many deaths that have happened thus far the best way we know how – with a Game of Thrones Headcount infographic. Keep in mind that the doomed in question are characters whose demise we see on screen and are often characters known by name. Deaths that occur on the periphery, battles and killings that are alluded to but happen off screen, are not included as they would be nearly impossible to measure and are surely in the hundreds or thousands. Still, the headcount is high. We even speculate as to the fate of Westeros’ most cowardly yet endearing baker boy with a Hot Pie Chart. But “words are wind”… I’ll let the charts tell the story:

Game of Thrones infographic