Hiking Mt. Whitney: Training Hikes and To-Do’s

Britnie at Summit Mt Whitney - original photo
Britnie at Summit of Mt Whitney

Mt. Whitney stands at 14,505 feet and is proudly named the highest summit in the contiguous United States. The mountain is located between Sequoia National Park and Inyo National Forest in California, and is part of the Sierra Nevadas. A round-trip hike of Mt. Whitney is permitted only by a winning lottery entry, is 22 miles, and is typically completed over a span of a few days. Myself, along with a group of 5 others, did it in a day.

When Hollie first approached me about hiking Mt. Whitney in 2015, I reacted as I usually do- excited, fearless, and ready for a challenge. Without really thinking, I said yes. Little did I know, Hollie had already entered the Mt. Whitney lottery to get our winning hiking date- June 5, 2015!

Her introduction email came quick, a little too quickly if you asked me. It was February 10th, and I received the following:

“SO…I’ve asked you to join me on a hike…Mountain Whitney that is. We will go up and down within a day. Are you ready?? I want you to come. You are coming! In my mind, you are committed. I am counting on you!”

Within the email was a list of our potential training hikes. We went at the training hard for the next three months. Below is my account of the adventure, along with a legend here for reference as you read:

Timeline legend


Mt. Whitney Post_Timeline Vertical2

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