Hyperlinks in a PDF? Yes You Can! Here’s How to Do It

Purchased Image iStock_000009328843SmallWe live in a world where we’ve become accustomed to navigating to web pages with a simple mouse click. And we’ve also gotten used to saving stuff in universal PDF format to share with others. But the problem is that it isn’t easy to put those wonderful, clickable hyperlinks into PDFs. Well, it used to not be so easy. But good news! That has now changed.

How to Create Hyperlinks in a PDF in Three Easy Steps

With SmartDraw CI, you can now turn your diagram or graphic into a PDF with active hyperlinks, quickly and easily. This works with flowcharts, maps, graphs, and all of your other favorite SmartDraw diagram types.

Step 1. Insert One or More Hyperlinks

Use the Insert Hyperlink tab in SmartDraw to place the target web page or other document (located on a shared network) in your diagram. Here, we have a flowchart and want to provide a link to the purchase order form.


Step 2. Export Your File to PDF

Click the “PDF” button in the ribbon bar to export your SmartDraw diagram to PDF.

PDF button

Step 3. Voila! You Now Have a PDF Document with Active Hyperlinks!

Okay, this isn’t so much a step as a chance to just sit back and admire your work. So I lied, it only takes two steps. The PDF document now has your SmartDraw diagram, complete with active hyperlinks, as shown in the illustration below. Now, when your recipient clicks on the hyperlink, their browser will open the linked web page.

PDF with Hyperlinks

Keep This in Mind

The hyperlinked file must be in a place that your recipient can access. A web page or a file saved on a shared company network, for example. If you create a hyperlink to a document on your computer’s local hard drive, then it will only be accessible from your machine.

That’s it! I tried to keep this easy, but as always, should you have trouble just give our awesome, home-based support team a quick call.