Increase Productivity: 5 Ways to Get Your Business More Organized

Purchased ImageOrganization is key to running any business effectively; regardless of size or industry. It’s the most fundamental aspect in starting or managing a business. Everything is effected either positively or negatively based on the scope of organization employed.

But let’s be real for a moment – organization, if not done right, can be time consuming and distracting. Which is why so many business owners, executives and managers neglect it.  The solution is to keep it all simple, straightforward and seamless with the rest of your business making it painless for everyone involved. Here are five strategies to improve your company’s organization.

#1.  Organize Ideas and Information

Brainstorming sessions and planning meetings can get wildly out of control. Some of the best ideas can be lost or not prioritized properly. Begin by capturing all of the ideas during the brainstorming session using mind maps. When the ideas have all been captured, you are then able to organize and prioritize them based on the needs of your business and team. After creating the mind map, be sure to share it with your team and have a specific person responsible for its evolution and continued importance in future planning discussions.

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Organize Your Ideas Using Mind Maps


#2.  Organize Projects and Teams

The great thing about creating mind maps via software is that they can be instantly leveraged for your projects and teams – which also have to be closely organized to meet deadlines and customer expectations. Traditional project managers typically leverage the power of Gantt charts and timelines to do this, however, you do not have to be a professional project manager to employ them. In fact, Gantt charts, timelines and other project charts can be used for large and small projects – regardless of your role in the company.

So once you have built out your mind map of ideas, convert it into a project chart and begin assigning teams and people responsible for specific tasks as well as dates, times, and other pertinent information keeping your idea (now project) on schedule for completion. You will be able to see from a high level the progress made and where potential log-jams may occur.

Using SmartDraw, Convert Your Mind Maps Into Project Charts…with Just One Click!


#3.  Organize Processes and Systems

Once you and your team are working on specific projects and tasks, how you and your team members proceed will be critical for efficiency and productivity. The documentation of the various processes involved is vital – but can be time consuming. The easiest way to accomplish this is to create a set of process flowcharts that illustrate the various systems within your tasks and projects. Flowcharts are easily created, consumed and understood. They can be updated and shared quickly as well for easy organization.

Like your idea mind maps and projects, be sure to delegate someone specific to manage the upkeep and collection of your processes and systems so that the information can be updated and shared regularly.

#4.  Organize Communications

Communications between team members, customers, vendors and partners in this modern age can be in countless forms. In order to keep your business hedging forward, it’s important to organize, archive and document the various forms.  By using a repository such as Dropbox or SharePoint, you’ll ensure that you and your team meeting deadlines, manage customer expectations, as well as maintain any other critical operation within your business.

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#5.  Organize Stakeholders

The larger the business, the greater the ability to involve your team members for greater collective strength. Organizing stakeholders on different projects empowers your team.  It provides each member the opportunity to broaden their skill set and grow with a deeper comprehension of the inner workings of your business.  This cross-pollination of teams is a technique that we will often use at SmartDraw.  In order to ensure the success of this approach, it is important to clearly define each individual’s roles and responsibilities.  Thus allowing the individual to prioritize tasks and decision-making more efficiently should any conflicts arise with their current role within the organization.

The overall benefits of employing these organizational strategies are greater involvement from team members, improved productivity and efficiency of projects, tasks, processes and systems, as well as an improved employee and customer satisfaction level.