July #SmartManagement Twitter Q&A Recap

https://pixabay.com/en/twitter-facebook-together-292994/Last Thursday we conducted a Twitter Q&A focused on sharing some tips and best practices for managing teams and projects. You can get a glimpse of the conversation at our Twitter handle @SmartDraw or at the hashtag #SmartManagement. During the Q&A we discussed things we’ve learned about management styles and skills.

During the hour-long conversation SmartDraw experts and managers were able to discuss major management topics including organizing effective teams, managing different work styles, meetings and projects, and how managers can more effectively communicate through the use of visuals.

Below are some of our favorite answers to the questions:








What tips or questions would you have for managers who want to be more effective “Smart Managers?” Should we do another Twitter Q&A? If so, what topic? Put your thoughts in the comments below!