SmartDraw 2016: Better than Visio. Works on Mac.

Original SmartDraw imageUntil recently, if you were looking to use Visio on your Mac, you had limited and often inferior choices.  SmartDraw Cloud changes that.  As a cutting edge web-based diagramming app, SmartDraw Cloud gives you desktop power in an online app and brings the full power of SmartDraw’s diagramming solution to the Mac.

Powerful Diagramming Intelligence

SmartDraw’s automated drawing tools are smartly tailored to specific diagrams so that SmartDraw can take all the manual hassle out of drawing almost anything.  Quickly add shapes using keyboard shortcuts and if you have to delete or move a shape, everything will realign and adjust automatically.

The really clever thing however is the way SmartDraw automatically adjusts and revises the diagram when you make changes to branches and objects.  For example, if you delete a branch in Visio, there’s a gap where it used to be and you need to manually plug that hole or re-balance the entire diagram which can be very tedious and time-consuming.  SmartDraw on the other hand automatically closes any branch gaps and re-adjusts or re-balances the diagram so that it still flows and looks professional,”

as noted by MACHOW2 in Best Alternatives to Visio for Mac

Superior Visio Import

You won’t have to recreate years of complicated diagrams by redrawing them.  Import all your old Visio files (both VSD and VSDX) and even  continue to collaborate with co-workers who may still be using Visio.  Once imported, you can continue to edit, color, or ungroup any file like it was created in SmartDraw.  Export them back to Office with just a click or export it as a PDF, PNG, or SVG.

More Content

SmartDraw has thousands more templates and symbols than its competitors. That’s 34,000 symbols and over 4,500 diagrams at your fingertips. Whether you’re drawing a flowchart or marketing matrix, you will never have to start with a blank page.  In SmartDraw for Mac Review: Visio Made Easy, an in depth review of SmartDraw conducted by MACHOW2, stated:

One of the main attraction of SmartDraw is the ease of use compared to Visio.  The development team claims that both the interface and ease of use were at the center of the development process and it’s hard to argue they haven’t achieved that.   Creating visuals is extremely easy, mainly due to the simplicity of the interface but also to the thousands of templates available.  The interface is far more streamlined than Microsoft Visio or Adobe Illustrator and therefore nowhere nears as intimidating.  It never feels like it gets in your way and it’s easy to access tools and assets when you need them.”

In a recent product review by Cult of Mac,

Another really cool thing about SmartDraw is its vector-based graphics.  Usually graphics are generated via a bitmap, which loses resolution and gets pixelated as you increase its size.  Vector graphics operate by a different principle, using angle and line calculations that mean your image remains crisp at any size.  This is a feature not often found in cloud-based software, certainly not in any cloud-based diagramming apps like Lucidchart or Gliffy — SmartDraw Software had to build it into their new platform form the group up.  


Sophisticated Integration

You can transfer completed diagrams to any Microsoft Office program with a single click.  Your diagrams will be inserted into presentations and reports quickly and seamlessly.  You can also save and share diagrams either on the web using a simple link or through third party cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.  According to Cult of Mac, in SmartDraw finally makes it to Mac (via the cloud):

What’s been added are all the functions you’ve come to expect of a cloud-connected productivity platform.  Create or change a visual on the go, and it’ll show up across all devices, automatically saved on the cloud.  Documents are shareable and interactive even with those who don’t have SmartDraw, making it unbelievably easy to collaborate with any colleague building a presentation with you.  Plus, though not ideal, it’s really helpful that you can now make adjustments to an illustration on the go via a mobile device.