SmartDraw Saves the Day’ve all faced drama of deadlines.  They can make for a very stressful and anxiety-ridden time.  Even the most organized, systematic thinking among us face deadlines that requires weeks of preparation to burning the midnight oil.

Regardless of all the time and energy put into a project, there may still be a sense of doubt.  Was I on target? Is this what the client wanted?  In this week’s post, we’ll share with you how SmartDraw saved the day for Jan Moore, a member of our SmartDraw Community, and her project team.

Tell us a little about yourself.

In addition to being a part-time graduate student, I work in the Services to Students with Disabilities Department at the California State University, San Bernardino.  In my new role, I will be providing support and training, particularly in the area of social media.

I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Public Administration. In order to complete our Human Resource Management course, we were assigned a final project.

What was your project team’s objective?

Our project team’s objective was to explain how we would handle training a public-sector organization with 20,000 employees.  Part of my responsibility for the presentation and accompanying paper included creating a divisional/departmental org chart to show how our fictional department is structured, and creating another chart to show how we would successfully train 20,000 employees.

What did you use before you discovered SmartDraw?

Nothing.  I’ve never been asked to do it before.  Because I have Cerebral Palsy, diagramming anything has always been difficult for me, so I was not happy about having to do a large, complicated organization chart.  I was searching the Internet for a solution when I came across SmartDraw by accident.  I downloaded the free trial with an idea about how I wanted our diagram to look, and within minutes, it was done.

Can you describe your Customer Support call experience?

Within an hour of finishing my diagram in the trial version, I picked up the phone and called SmartDraw.  The price was beyond my budget so I asked if you offered a Student Edition.  To my surprise, there is one!  I told them to sign me up! Of all the tools out there, SmartDraw was the only drawing tool I could use.

How did you and your project team do?

When we got our grade, the diagrams were specifically mentioned by the professor as being highlights of the project. 

The overall group project ended up getting a grade of 93 out of 100, and I got the “A” I worked for, too!
HR org chart Jan-Moore class project

What compelled you to write in?

I don’t ever, ever  . . . write testimonials but SmartDraw played such a significant role in our project that I just had to write in. I came into the project completely blind.  Our group . . . well, we’re all Type A people.  In the end, I couldn’t have done it without SmartDraw. 

What have you been working on since?

Since then, I’ve shown my granddaughters how SmartDraw works and they love it.  I have also been following your SmartDraw Blog.

I see how much more I have to learn, so maybe what I need to do is diagram that out in a plan.  (smile) SmartDraw to the rescue again!?!?! I’m sure there are a multitude of ways to use SmartDraw in my new Department. Thank you, SmartDraw!