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Mad Men 1960s Timeline

https://pixabay.com/en/vintage-1950s-pretty-woman-887272/The end of an era is looming. It’s approaching the end of the 60s for Don Draper and the people of Sterling Cooper & Partners and it’s nearing the end of one of the finest runs in television history for fans of Mad Men. Its seventh and final season starts Sunday April 13th on AMC.

Since it’s the middle of the day and I’ve consumed zero martinis and because we can’t help but chart every little thing here at SmartDraw, I thought it would be fun to use a timeline to look back at some of the more memorable episodes of this outstanding show, which not surprisingly coincide with some of the most important events of the 1960s.

Some of these events were so momentous that nearly everyone in the world was affected by them and this was reflected in the lives of the characters of Mad Men. Other times, these events served as a subtle backdrop to the main storylines, infusing them with an underlying sense of dread or uncertainty – a reason to retreat into the arms of a mistress or an excuse to have one more drink.

Before each season, fans have enjoyed pondering how these moments in history would affect their favorite characters. And the end of the 1960s should provide many more opportunities for drama and great storytelling. It will be sad to see it go, but Mad Men is bound to make great TV history one last time.


(UPDATE: Go here to view a final historical timeline for all seven seasons of the show).