Thanksgiving Dinner Survival Guide

Thanksgiving Dinner Timeline and Turkey Cooking Tips Infographics

I’m so thankful for Thanksgiving. It is, by far, my favorite holiday.

Fabulous food, family, friends, football… that’s almost all the great “F’s” right there.

And no shopping for gifts or cards to send! (Okay, I know a few people do send Thanksgiving Day cards. While I appreciate the effort, you people need professional help, in my opinion.)

It can be stressful to host a Thanksgiving dinner, though.

If you’re doing it, I empathize. I’ve hosted holiday dinner parties, too. (Yes, I’m a guy and yes, I have cooked many a Thanksgiving dinner—don’t judge me until you’ve sailed a mile in my gravy boat… or something like that.)

There’s enough stress in life. Thanksgiving should be a time to enjoy, not a time for more pressure.

So, to help relieve any stress you might be feeling, we’ve created “The Only Thanksgiving Day Infographic You’ll Ever Need.” (Technically two infographics, but who’s counting?) Here’s the first, a Thanksgiving Dinner timeline to help you plan around the most common serving time of 2pm:


You’ll need to adjust it to your serving time and time zone, but these two infographics should help answer a lot of questions when it comes to Thanksgiving Day dinner hosting:

How big a turkey should I buy? How do I make sure it’s not overcooked so I don’t have to listen to Aunt Martha tell me it’s too dry? When do I start the potatoes? When do I get to eat the potatoes?

Is it safe to stuff the bird (or tell someone who’s getting on my nerves to stuff it)?

How do I time it so that I don’t have to try to pull everyone away from the big game at the two-minute warning? (I always plan my cooking and serving around the football schedule—but, I’m a guy.)

Is it too early for me to break into the celebratory wine? (No. The answer to this is always, no.)

Our second infographic is a tip sheet for cooking the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.


Please feel free to share these and take the stress off of someone else’s holiday. Oh, and if you have some tips you want to share, just leave them in the comment section below.

From all of us at SmartDraw, we wish you a safe, happy, delicious, and stress-free Thanksgiving holiday.