Are You Using Visuals to Communicate to Your Customers?

You have heard it before many times about visuals. A “picture is worth a thousand words.” Why is that? The reason is that the majority of people are visual learners. A picture can communicate in ways that a spoken or written word is unable to do as effectively. In fact, studies have shown that “communicating with visuals is six times more effective than with words alone.”

So whether you have heard this before, or are learning it for the first time, it’s safe to say then that writing blog articles, emails, newsletters, white papers, and other customer and prospective customer communications without visuals is simply a wasted effort then, right?

Here’s an example: A blog I read on occasion regarding restaurant marketing, Four Topper, has several interesting and poignant posts but it typically lacks visuals of any kind. In the post, 5 Strategies to Help Google Find Your Restaurant, the author Michael Adams writes a simple yet eloquent post of simple strategies for restaurant owners to follow to help boost their exposure on Google. However, the post is simply text with a bullet list of steps. So, I took the liberty to create the steps into a mind map to show the relational aspects of the steps.

5 Strategies to Help Google Find Your Restaurant - Opened Mind Map
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The mind map visually outlines the same steps written in the post with the subsequent detail. You can expand and collapse the mind map to show only the layers you want to focus on within the post itself.

5 Strategies to Help Google Find Your Restaurant - Collapsed Mind Map
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Also, should the reader wanted to use this exact mind map and begin the steps, why not post the file to download so that the person seeing it can use it and even convert the mind map into a Gantt chart to get started on this project immediately? Like so…

5 Strategies to Help Google Find Your Restaurant - Project Chart Mind Map
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Quite a customer centric communication visual and device, don’t you think? With that said, click the following links if you want to download the above mind map template and project chart template in its original file format to edit and start this project.

If you don’t have a copy of SmartDraw, just click this link to get a free trial version.